Clothes Rail

Clothes Rail

If you sell clothes, you will be familiar with the clothes rail. Most clothing looks at its best when hung up and a rail allows you to do this. Even market stalls and supermarkets that sell many of their products packed into packets still employ a clothes rail to sell some items.

Types of Clothes Rail

Strictly speaking, a clothes rail is made up of two uprights, with legs or wheels attached to the bottom of the uprights. Holding the two uprights together are two horizontal rails one at the top the other at the bottom. The top horizontal rail is used to hang clothes from on hangers. Although these rails were originally designed for use on clothing manufacturing production lines and as a way of transporting clothes they are now used just as often to display clothes in shops.

There are several variations now available.

You can buy double rails (double hanging rails), which have two horizontal rails to hang clothes from. The spacing is such that you can hang two rows of shirts or skirts from them. These rails were originally designed to save on transport costs, because they allowed you to make better use of the space available in the lorry. To better, fill the cube.

Some rails come with wheels whilst others do not. The latter rails are designed for display purposes only. Those with wheels are primarily designed to facilitate the transport of clothes from one place to another, but because they have lockable wheels, they can also be used for display purposes.

The Best Place to Buy a Clothes Rail

By far the best place to buy a clothes rail is on-line. On the web, you get a far better choice and can quickly find what you are looking for. In addition, it is far easier to shop around and buy the rails you need for a good price.

When buying a clothes rail you need to look at it as a long-term investment. You can buy cheap ones, but they are flimsy and will literally fall apart after just a few months of use. You are far better off paying a little more and buying a good quality, sturdy rail that is designed for daily use within the retail trade.

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