Disability Clothes

Disability Clothes
Certain illnesses and physical restrictions can limit an individual's clothing choices. However, disability clothes are adaptive clothing designed specifically to make dressing a manageable task. Zippers, clasps, and buttons can be very difficult to manage, especially if the clothing has closures in the back of the garment. When an illness or disability challenges an individual, getting dressed should not be an added concern. Disability clothes allows people to remain independent and as comfortable as possible. Designers create disability clothes for men and women. Designers construct different garments keeping specific physical requirements in mind. Technological advances make things more convenient to use. Technology does not only refer to mechanical devices, it can indicate clothing, too.

For instance, incontinence is a challenging disorder. However, disability clothes such as adaptive pants can make getting dressed and undressed fast and much more convenient. The pants are designed to fasten with back flaps that have Velcro closures. Adaptive pants would also work well for individuals that spend a great deal of time in a wheelchair because there is no need to pull pants up and down. Individuals that have suffered a stroke or are challenged with Parkinson's disease might experience tremors that prevent them from fastening buttons or zipping and unzipping zippers and disability clothing with Velcro fasteners could make dressing easier, leaving the individual feeling more independent and in control. In fact, some manufacturers offer pants for specific disorders, such as arthritis pants or wheelchair pants, with slight differences in the garment to make it easier for either health issue.

Disability clothing also includes a large assortment of stylish blouses and t-shirts, and warm fleece sweatshirts for men and women. These specially-made tops are similar to the pants in that the garment has flaps in the back that easily snap open and closed. This way, the wearer does not have to raise or lower their arms to get into a top or sweatshirt. It can be difficult and frightening if the wearer feels as if their head is stuck trying to get into a neck opening or is painfully struggling to get their arms into the armholes.

A large selection of footwear is also available in the line of disability clothes. Adaptive shoes and socks can be a very comfortable option for those that have difficulty getting into shoes and socks. Most are made with Velcro closures for easy wear. Non-constrictive socks are designed not to pinch or tighten on the feet and legs, which is perfect for individuals who have diabetes or edema.

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